How many animals can you help in 60 seconds?

Want to help animals but are short on time? If you answered yes, this is the page for you. All you need to do is text a keyword to 73822* for each action below—and voilà! You’ll send an e-mail to someone in a position to make a difference for animals. Check out the issues that you can take action on.

*Message and data rates may apply. U.S. only. Text STOP to end, and text HELP for info. Periodic messaging. Full terms:

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

The retailer already offers many down-free options. It even dedicates an entire section to down alternatives in its stores, which shows that there’s no reason to continue selling down. Please encourage the company to go all the way and sell only ethical down-free materials that don’t cause birds to suffer.


2. H&M

The retail giant claims that no animal should ever suffer in the name of fashion. So what exactly does the company think branding, tail-docking, dehorning, and castration—all commonly performed without painkillers—are? This abuse is standard practice in the leather industry, and as long as H&M sells leather, there is a lot of suffering occurring. Tell it to drop the animal skins and focus on innovative vegan leather alternatives.


3. Coca-Cola

Even though major brands—including State FarmGuggenheim Partners, Wells Fargo, Costco, Maxwell House, Nestlé, Pizza Hut, Rite Aid, and Safeway—have cut ties with the Iditarod, Coca-Cola continues to sponsor this cruel raceThe company needs to hear from you.


4. The Indian Government

In the egg industry, most male chicks are killed because they can’t lay eggs. Crushing, suffocating, and grinding chicks up alive are common industry practices in the U.S., and eyewitness footage obtained by PETA India from Anonymous for Animal Rights shows that Indian companies have adopted these cruel methods as well. Tell the Indian government to regulate egg and meat farms in order to protect baby chicks from mutilation and an excruciating death.


5. Shriners International

Elephants jabbed with bullhooks, tigers whipped in the face, a bear urinating on herself while being forced to do a handstand—such is life for animals used by Shrine circusesPlease help us urge Shriners International to ask its members to drop animal acts from their events.


6. Texas A&M University

Right now in laboratories at Texas A&M University, dogs are being bred to develop different types of muscular dystrophy. Video footage shows appallingly thin dogs caged, sometimes alone and often without a blanket, in barren metal cells, struggling to swallow thin gruel—the only food that they can eat, given how easily they could choke. These twisted experiments have been going on for more than 30 years and haven’t led to a cure or even a treatment to reverse the symptoms. Tell Texas A&M, “Enough already!”


There, how easy was that? Want to learn more ways to help animals? Join PETA’s Action Team today!



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