Greetings from Brazil

Certain moments in life are more intense than others. Sometimes you know why and others…. you just simply feel them and grow with them. For some time now I have been feeling the emotions that animals bring to us, the power of closeness of those peers who cohabitate with us in the so called planet Earth of ours.

I could look back in family genes and the past interest for Animalia in general, from early ages to devoted careers to helping the glorious fauna.


When pondering about the latter and many of the dots that I connected for the past two years I feel closer to them and start collecting the harvested awareness to our neighbors.

Now, at the age of 42 (soon 43), I feel an internal drive that has brought me to this very moment and I took myself to create to send a message to the world and create more awareness, evangelize where necessary and possible.

We are all Animalia in the purest sense of the word. We, humans, undoubtedly have many many rights, but we should not feel we own any right over animals to make them suffer for our own benefit.

The book is started and invite all “human Animalia” to write together the laws and rights that our Animalia peers should have before us in the equivalent degree we wrote our own laws.